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Loss Prevention for Workers’ Compensation

Posted May 29, 2017 in Workers’ compensation

carpenter wearing a hard hat and demins about to cut a plank with a power sawWorkers’ compensation is a required form of insurance that protects employees in the event of injury or illness in the course of their employment. In concept, it’s a good trade-off: the company provides wages and medical benefits to the injured or ill employee, and the employee relinquishes the right to sue the company for negligence. However, in application, it is easy for companies to lose out on claims. Gallant Risk & Insurance Services offers technical expertise to assist companies in finding the best workers’ compensation solutions for loss prevention.

Managing workers’ compensation claims can become a costly process. The best tactic for loss prevention is to adopt proactive measures to minimize claims and reduce your premiums. Gallant Risk & Insurance Services provides strategic, creative and effective solutions for workers’ compensation loss prevention. Call 951-368-0700 or complete our online contact form to contact us today.

Safety Incentive Programs

One of our loss prevention services is to offer safety incentive programs to discourage employees from needing to access the benefits of their workers’ compensation. Some versions of safety incentives include bonuses for low injury or illness rates as well as rewards for demonstrating a safe behavior or identifying a hazard and suggesting a safety improvement. The best incentives encourage safety-related activities, such as identifying hazards and thoroughly investigating injuries and accidents. We help companies provide positive incentives to their employees who contribute to company-wide safety training.

Training and Inspection Schedules

Training and inspection schedules can mitigate the risk of loss. Employees who are not properly trained and rarely inspected may engage in risky or careless behavior that can lead to on-site injury or illness, requiring them to access their workers’ compensation benefits. With careful training and regular inspections for safety compliance, companies can ensure that their workers are in the best position to avoid injury or illness in the first place.

On-site Assessment

Our experts at Gallant Risk & Insurance Services can also provide on-site assessment of potential exposures to loss. Having assisted many companies already with loss prevention for workers’ compensation, our insurance experts can help your company identify on-site areas that could potentially lead to loss. With these assessments, changes can be put in place to reduce the risk of injury and illness among your employees.

Safety Injury and Illness Prevention Plans

The best approach for loss prevention is a proactive, preventative approach. Safety injury and illness prevention plans help companies identify and resolve any workplace hazards to reduce the risk of injuries, fatalities and illnesses. This solution not only reduces workplace injuries but can also improve productivity, reduce expense and raise employee satisfaction.

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