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Seeing More Cars on the Road? Keep an Eye Out

Posted August 13, 2020 in Auto Insurance

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After months of pandemic lockdown, the business of everyday life is starting to resume. That means many businesses are reopening, and people are going back to work. It also means that the empty side streets and highways of the last few months are being replaced with near-normal traffic. Unfortunately, that could result in a spike in car accidents.

Cars stuck in a traffic jam at sunset

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Is It a Dangerous Time to Drive?

According to Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety (Advocates), the combination of an extended period of decreased traffic, an uptick in speeding and reckless driving offenses and the temporary waiving of graduated drivers licensing requirements for on-the-road testing in some states, make this period of reopening a time for extra caution. In a pre-Independence Day weekend release, Advocates urged motorists to:

  • Obey speed laws and limits
  • Stay alert of the drivers around you
  • Silence any distractions (such as your cell phone)
  • Make sure all passengers are wearing their seat belts
  • Be mindful of pedestrians, bicyclists and other road users
  • Not drink and drive

How Can I Drive Defensively?

In addition to the above tips, there are several things drivers can do to drive defensively as traffic returns to normal. DriversEducationUSA makes the following suggestions, among many others:

  • Be prepared and stay focused. This means don’t slouch: keep both hands on the wheel and avoid distracting behaviors.
  • Keep your distance from other cars, trucks, erratic drivers and lane-hoppers.
  • Don’t drive in another vehicle’s blind spot.
  • Change lanes only when necessary. For long-haul trips on the highway, stay in the center lane except when passing or exiting.
  • Always let other drivers know what you are doing by signaling.
  • Always scan the road ahead and all-around with an eye for potential risks or hazards.

The Importance of the Right Auto Insurance

Regardless of how an accident happens, auto insurance will ensure you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars in costly repairs. It’s important to maintain your auto insurance policy to meet your state’s minimum liability and property damage coverage. In California, a good policy will far exceed those minimum requirements. 

Accidents happen. You want to be sure that you and your vehicle are fully covered under every circumstance.

At this time, when we are carefully returning to a more social existence, it makes sense to exert extra caution in traffic. Drive defensively, and make sure your insurance coverage is adequate and up to date. 

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