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The Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs

Posted April 06, 2021 in Employee Benefit Plan

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In recent years, more and more organizations have started to offer employee wellness programs to their staff. There’s a good reason for this upwards trend, as these types of programs have massive returns for everyone. 

Employee wellness programs do not only benefit the employees but the employer as well. 

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Keep reading to find out what these programs are, how they help employees versus employers, and how you can sign up for a plan.

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What Is an Employee Wellness Program?

An employee wellness program offers coverage and initiatives that are meant to help your employees’ overall wellbeing. Typically, these programs look at improving a person’s physical health, diet, or mental health.

What Are the Benefits for Employees?

The benefits to employees are obvious. The employees can take part in various programs when they need or want to help them in their personal lives. This helps take the burden off the employee from paying for these services themselves. 

Additionally, it encourages employees to participate in wellness services they may otherwise have skipped due to the costs.

What Are the Benefits for Employers?

Firstly, the employee will have a stronger connection to their employer because they feel taken care of. 

An employee wellness program isn’t something employers have to do. It is something they choose to do for the employees. 

Understanding this builds a bond that makes employees happier and reduces turnover. And a happy employee is said to work harder, be more effective, and produce better results.

Secondly, offering wellness programs to your employees creates a safer environment and often results in fewer sick days taken. In 2018, the prevalence of obesity in American adults was 42.4 percent, and 14 percent of American adults are smokers. Both of these factors can lead to serious diseases that cause your employees to take additional sick time, as well as short-term or long-term leave.

An employee wellness program can encourage an individual to get active and stay in great health.

What Types of Employee Wellness Programs Are Out There?

There are many different types of wellness programs. Wellness programs can range anywhere from mental health services to financial and legal advice. At Gallant Risk & Insurance Services, Inc., we believe in offering you a range of programs that you can mix and choose for yourself. Your customized wellness program may include alcohol or drug abuse referrals, financial and legal advice, mental health counseling, and financial counseling services.

Additionally, Gallant Risk & Insurance Services, Inc., also offers:

  • Medical, dental, and vision plans
  • Life and disability coverage
  • Voluntary worksite benefits
  • Executive reimbursement plans

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