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Workers’ Comp Insurance: What You Should Know

Posted September 16, 2019 in Workers’ compensation

If you are an employee, then workers’ compensation insurance is typically provided by the company you work for.

If you are an employer, you are responsible for carrying this coverage and making this information accessible to all employees at all times.

Do you understand your coverage? Does your company policy meet all of the state requirements for workers’ comp insurance?

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Keep Track of Your Injuries

Documentation can make or break your case for workers’ compensation insurance claims.

Whether large or small, any severe or mild injury that occurs while working needs to be adequately documented.

Cuts, scrapes, bruises, pains, aches and swelling should all be accounted for when preparing your paperwork, especially when pain arises a few days later.

The body is interconnected. Injuring one part of your body, such as your back or hip, can eventually manifest as pain in your shoulder or neck.

Pay attention to your entire body after being injured. Keep an eye out for areas that may have encountered trauma that did not initially result in pain or discomfort.

Do not ignore symptoms that can be associated with the initial injury, even if symptoms take a few days to begin hurting.

Properly Fill Out Forms

When you complete paperwork for your injuries, verify that everything is accurate. Faulty paperwork or missing information can be thrown out.

Report an Issue Immediately

If you hurt yourself while working, do not hesitate to report the injury and any side effects you experience. Waiting to declare your injury can result in a denial of your claim.


What Should I Consider When Purchasing Workers’ Comp Insurance?

When you own a company, your state may require specific guidelines for your workers’ compensation insurance.

Be sure to discuss your state requirements with your agent before purchasing an insurance coverage plan to make sure your policy complies with state regulations.

Other guidelines include:

  • Waiting until your insurance policy is in place before hiring employees.
  • Knowing all aspects of your insurance policy to ensure your company is adequately covered. (Different positions may require additional workers’ comp benefits depending on what the job entails.)

Work Together as a Team

Creating an open line of communication in the workplace can produce a healthy environment and avoid potential risks involved during the workday.

  • Clearly communicate workplace hazards and enforce company policies for lessening these risks. Have a guideline for what to do in case of an incident.
  • Encourage employees to suggest new procedures for risk prevention and how to deal with accidents or hazards on the job. Working together helps create a cohesive, inclusive environment.
  • Post communications such as flyers, signs, videos and other media in multiple languages, so your employees and customers know of any potentially dangerous zones in your workplace in their primary language.
  • Constantly improve your system by conducting regular checks. Continually analyze your environment to ensure spills are cleaned up, physical hazards are removed and all precautions are taken to reduce employee and client risks.
  • Make sure that all employees are involved in taking health and safety seriously, regardless of their tenure or title.

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Further details about workers’ compensation insurance coverage can be discussed with one of our agents at Gallant Risk & Insurance Services Inc.

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