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Captive Insurance

Captive Insurance & Self Insured Programs

Gallant’s years of experience gives them an edge in Loss Sensitive, Alternative Funding, Captive and Finite Risk Transfer. Gallant has strong relationships with the narrow sector of the insurance market that deals with these types of transactions.

Many brokers have come to these transactions recently due to sharp increases in premium.

​If you use a broker that has not done significant work in this field you will undoubtedly become part of a very expensive learning curve.

Any organization considering an Alternative Funding transaction must be mindful of domestic and international insurance and tax law, as well as case law.

Our multi-disciplined approach to alternative funding:

  • Complete program design that allows for expedient sign off from your tax and legal professionals
  • Proven relationships with tax & legal resources domestically and internationally
  • Expertise in domicile selection for captive insurance companies
  • Relationships built on proven performance with the major carriers in Alternative Risk Transfer
  • Tactical creative policy authorship and review – both primary and reinsurance
  • Initial feasibility studies and actuarial work
  • Custom financial reporting so you can monitor your performance
  • Wide relationships with Third Party claims administrators
  • Advice on selecting the appropriate captive structure Foreign or Domestic, Non-Controlled or Controlled

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