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Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance is designed to protect your company from financial liability that can result from a number practices. At Gallant, we create individualized insurance policies to meet your company’s long-term goals. Our clients have multiple coverage options to provide the right protection at the most competitive cost.

Commercial Insurance Coverage Options

  • Worker's Compensation

    Worker's Compensation

    • Gallant utilizes creative and strategic solutions to reduce your overall worker’s compensation premium costs
    • Gallant’s unique services include individualized program design, loss prevention and client education
    • Our management team works closely with all of our clients, guiding them personally through their claims processes
    • Our strong relationships with the largest worker’s compensation carriers enable us to negotiate the best policy for you and your company
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  • Commercial General Liability Insurance

    Commercial General Liability Insurance

    • Protection against bodily injury, property damage, product liability, and advertising injuries
    • The cost of general liability insurance is based on:
      • Business type
      • Location of business
      • Level of risk
      • Number of employees
  • Commercial Auto Insurance

    Commercial Auto Insurance

    • Provides reliable coverage for commercial vehicles
    • Protects employees who are driving
    • Two different coverages:
      • Bodily injury
      • Property damage
  • Property Insurance

    Property Insurance

    • Provides financial reimbursement to the owner or renter of a building and business property such as equipment and inventory.
    • Covers damages caused by fire, smoke, wind, lightning, theft, and vandalism
    • Includes:
      • Business property
      • Building coverage
      • Business interruption
      • Loss of rents
      • Flood
      • Earthquake
  • Builder’s Risk Insurance

    Builder’s Risk Insurance

    • Protects materials, fixtures, and/or equipment used during a building project should something endure physical loss or damage
    • These policies can be written in three months, six months, or 12 months terms
    • Important highlights of BR coverage:
      • Does not cover tools, equipment, professional liability, accidents on the job site
      • Coverage ends when building is occupied or completed
      • Sub-contractors need their own insurance
  • Umbrella Liability Policy

    Umbrella Liability Policy

    • Provides extra liability coverage
    • Protects against catastrophic losses
    • Starts when other coverage is exhausted and is not a standalone policy
    • Particular coverages for:
      • Injuries
      • Property damage
      • Lawsuits
      • Some personal liability circumstances
  • Pollution Insurance

    Pollution Insurance

    • Contractor-based policy
    • Offered on a project or blanket program basis
    • Provides third-party coverage for:
      • Bodily injury
      • Property damage
      • Defense
      • Cleanup
  • Captive Insurance

    Captive Insurance

    • Gallant has years of experience in captive insurance and self-insured programs that can prove to be cost-effective in the long run
    • Recent, sharp premium increases have led many companies to consider captive insurance
    • Gallant helps its clients stay up to date on all domestic and international insurance and tax law
    • We take a multi-disciplined approach to alternative funding
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  • Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

    Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

    • Provides insurance coverage for claims made against directors or officers serving on a board of directors or officers
    • Insurance can be written to cover for-profit businesses, privately held firms, not-for-profit organizations, and educational institutions
    • Policies function as management errors and omissions liability insurance
    • Ideal for protecting not only public companies but also private companies with a small number of shareholders
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  • Fiduciary Liability Insurance

    Fiduciary Liability Insurance

    • Protects a fiduciary against claims of a breach of ERISA responsibilities
    • Policies cover defense and settlement costs for allegations of wrongful acts
    • Covers a wide range of allegations including negligence, error, or omission in the administration of any employee benefit plan
    • FLI is a common component of any management liability package, which will protect fiduciaries from paying lawsuit defense costs, judgements, and settlements out of pocket
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  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance

    Employment Practices Liability Insurance

    • Liability insurance that covers wrongful acts arising from the employment process
    • These policies cover directors, officers, management personnel, and employees
    • Policies include a variety of inappropriate workplace conducts but may exclude bodily injury, property damage, and intentional dishonest acts
    • EPLI is available as standalone coverage or in combination with a management liability package
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  • Risk Management

    Risk Management

    • Ideal for companies that are not large enough to employ a full time, qualified risk management department
    • Gallant staffs certified risk managers to ensure you receive quality advice
    • Risk management ensures your insurance coverage grows with your company while providing you with the most cost-effective policies possible
    • Risk management is designed to help minimize the devastating financial consequences of unavoidable accidents
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  • Inland Marine Coverage

    Inland Marine Coverage

    • Covers products, materials, and equipment when transported over land or while warehoused by a third party
    • Two of the most frequent causes of inland marine losses are: collisions and cargo theft
    • Good option for companies who ship expensive products or materials
    • Equipment covered:
      • Computers and photography
      • Communication
      • Construction tools
      • Medical

Frequently Asked Questions

What liability causes do policies cover?

  • Premises and operation
  • Fire damage liability
  • Personal and advertising injury
  • Medical payments
  • Products/completed operations

Do private companies need director and officers (D&O) liability insurance?

Yes. Many private companies feel that they don’t need D&O insurance because of their small number of shareholders. However, D&O coverage can protect your company against claims made by customers, vendors, competitors, suppliers, regulators and creditors.

What is ERISA?

ERISA is the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, which holds fiduciaries personally liable for losses to a benefit plan.

Does Gallant provide services if my claim is denied?

Yes. We work close with adjusters to structure a strong defense and to minimize the financial impact of each claim.

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