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Risk Services

Risk Management

Most companies are not large enough to staff a full-time qualified risk management department. ​As a result, there is no experienced on-staff expert to determine:

  1. What kind of insurance you should buy and how much you should pay?
  2. In what areas should you consider not buying insurance?
  3. How you can transfer risk to others, so you can avoid claims and avoid paying too much for your insurance?
  4. What can you do to properly manage claims after they happen?
  5. In what areas are you uninsured, and how do you manage that risk at minimal cost?
  6. How do other companies like yours deal with insurance and risk?
  7. If you develop a new product, or commence work in a different area, what risk do you face and how should you handle it?

Risk Services

Risk exists in every aspect of operating a business enterprise, from the manner in which you manufacture or sell your product, to the way you deal with employees, suppliers and distributors. For your own business, how do you anticipate potential problems before they happen? Once you’ve identified a potential problem, how might you manage it to avoid a devastating financial loss?

Most companies make the mistake of buying the same insurance coverage year after year, without considering how their business may have changed over time. Likewise, many companies insist on bidding out the same coverage again and again, without appreciating that there may be far better and less expensive alternatives available.

A thorough risk management process can help your company avoid making bad decisions and help you avoid or minimize the devastating financial consequences of unavoidable accidents.

​Gallant has a high percentage of employees credentialed as Certified Risk Managers, as a result, their capabilities in this area are unparalleled. And, because they deal with many clients and industries, they have an appreciation for the risks you face and can offer suggestions and alternatives to help you control risk without having to buy more insurance.

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