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How Old Does a Car Have to Be for Vintage Car Insurance?

Posted November 07, 2023 in Insurance

Car enthusiasts understand that owning a classic car requires more maintenance, care, and attention than a daily driving vehicle. Not only are classic or vintage cars beautiful, but they are also a piece of history, often chosen to reflect the owner’s personality and passion for cars. Suffice it to say, these vehicles and all their needs involve more than your typical insurance policy can cover.

A line up of multiple classic cars in different makes, models, and colors.

So, what type of classic car insurance do you need? How is this determined? Keep reading as we break down everything you need to know about protecting your vintage car.

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What Is the Difference Between Classic Auto Insurance and Regular Auto Insurance?

To answer this question, insurers base these claims on the value of the insured, in this case, a car. For a vehicle driven every day, the value is determined by its mileage, age, and depreciation, and is known as Actual Cash Value, or ACV.

For classic cars or collector’s cars, a standard auto policy won’t consider its complete value. These added variables include modifications, restorations, and the appreciation in value as a historic vehicle. As the years pass, these older cars, or those deemed collector’s cars, essentially become more valuable rather than less. This makes your vintage or classic vehicle something else—an investment.

While there are some similarities between classic auto insurance and standard, such as they both cover collision, comprehensive, bodily injury liability, and property damage, there are some more fundamental differences. Classic car insurance:

  • Covers vehicles based on a dollar amount agreed upon by the insurer and owner—this allows for variation and accommodation to the various modifications and restorations that have added to your car’s value
  • Covers the cost of repairs and replacement parts if your classic vehicle is damaged—a considerable benefit for the high price of rare parts
  • May involve additional coverage if you plan to drive the vehicle to car shows or club events.
  • Includes the addendum that an insured classic car must usually be stored securely in a private garage or locked storage space.

Classic auto insurance allows for more significant variation in coverage and modifications for your specific make, model, and vehicle age. It gives you peace of mind that your investment is protected, just the way you like it.

How Is Classic Car Auto Insurance Determined?

There are a few variations within the category of classic auto insurance, which comes down to the car in question. Generally, these cars can be separated into four categories:

  • Vintage Car – usually manufactured from 1919 to 1930
  • Antique Car – usually 25 to 45 years old, but varies
  • Classic Car – usually includes vintage, antique, and collector cars between 10 to 25 years old
  • Supercars – Specialty cars and supercars may also be considered without a year requirement

Aside from the manufacturing date, your policy will be determined based on modifications, how many miles you plan to drive the car in a year, and other specialized factors.

The key determining factor when it comes to the price of insuring your classic car is the number of miles that you plan to drive it. Classic auto insurance is only applicable to vehicles that are not intended for daily use, in addition to the above factors.

What Are the Benefits of Classic Auto Insurance?

Classic auto insurance allows you to customize your policy to ensure the highest level of protection for your classic car. Additionally, classic auto insurance policies are generally cheaper than standard auto policies, as it is assumed the car will be driven less.

For a smaller premium, you can be assured that your investment, hobby, pride, and joy will be protected from harm’s way.

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