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Business Insurance & Risk Management

At Gallant we design comprehensive commercial insurance programs at the most competitive cost. We provide the safeguard for your company’s assets from financial liability that can result from a number of scenarios. By implementing a risk management program combined with the correct insurance coverage, we protect our clients and assist in meeting their long-term goals.

Business Insurance Coverage Options

  • Worker's Compensation

    Worker's Compensation

    • Gallant utilizes creative and strategic solutions to reduce your overall worker’s compensation premium costs
    • Gallant’s unique services include individualized program design, loss prevention and client education
    • Our management team works closely with all of our clients, guiding them personally through their claims processes
    • Our strong relationships with the largest worker’s compensation carriers enable us to negotiate the best policy for you and your company
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  • Commercial General Liability Insurance

    Commercial General Liability Insurance

    • Protection against bodily injury, property damage, product liability, and advertising injuries
    • The cost of general liability insurance is based on:
      • Business type
      • Location of business
      • Level of risk
      • Number of employees
  • Commercial Auto Insurance

    Commercial Auto Insurance

    • Provides reliable coverage for commercial vehicles
    • Protects employees who are driving
    • Two different coverages:
      • Bodily injury
      • Property damage
  • Property Insurance

    Property Insurance

    • Provides financial reimbursement to the owner or renter of a building and business property such as equipment and inventory.
    • Covers damages caused by fire, smoke, wind, lightning, theft, and vandalism
    • Includes:
      • Business property
      • Building coverage
      • Business interruption
      • Loss of rents
      • Flood
      • Earthquake
  • Builder’s Risk Insurance

    Builder’s Risk Insurance

    • Protects materials, fixtures, and/or equipment used during a building project should something endure physical loss or damage
    • These policies can be written in three months, six months, or 12 months terms
    • Important highlights of BR coverage:
      • Does not cover tools, equipment, professional liability, accidents on the job site
      • Coverage ends when building is occupied or completed
      • Sub-contractors need their own insurance
  • Umbrella Liability Policy

    Umbrella Liability Policy

    • Provides extra liability coverage
    • Protects against catastrophic losses
    • Starts when other coverage is exhausted and is not a standalone policy
    • Particular coverages for:
      • Injuries
      • Property damage
      • Lawsuits
      • Some personal liability circumstances
  • Pollution Insurance

    Pollution Insurance

    • Contractor-based policy
    • Offered on a project or blanket program basis
    • Provides third-party coverage for:
      • Bodily injury
      • Property damage
      • Defense
      • Cleanup
  • Captive Insurance

    Captive Insurance

    • Gallant has years of experience in captive insurance and self-insured programs that can prove to be cost-effective in the long run
    • Recent, sharp premium increases have led many companies to consider captive insurance
    • Gallant helps its clients stay up to date on all domestic and international insurance and tax law
    • We take a multi-disciplined approach to alternative funding
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  • Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

    Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

    • Provides insurance coverage for claims made against directors or officers serving on a board of directors or officers
    • Insurance can be written to cover for-profit businesses, privately held firms, not-for-profit organizations, and educational institutions
    • Policies function as management errors and omissions liability insurance
    • Ideal for protecting not only public companies but also private companies with a small number of shareholders
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  • Fiduciary Liability Insurance

    Fiduciary Liability Insurance

    • Protects a fiduciary against claims of a breach of ERISA responsibilities
    • Policies cover defense and settlement costs for allegations of wrongful acts
    • Covers a wide range of allegations including negligence, error, or omission in the administration of any employee benefit plan
    • FLI is a common component of any management liability package, which will protect fiduciaries from paying lawsuit defense costs, judgements, and settlements out of pocket
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  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance

    Employment Practices Liability Insurance

    • Liability insurance that covers wrongful acts arising from the employment process
    • These policies cover directors, officers, management personnel, and employees
    • Policies include a variety of inappropriate workplace conducts but may exclude bodily injury, property damage, and intentional dishonest acts
    • EPLI is available as standalone coverage or in combination with a management liability package
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  • Risk Management

    Risk Management

    • Ideal for companies that are not large enough to employ a full time, qualified risk management department
    • Gallant staffs certified risk managers to ensure you receive quality advice
    • Risk management ensures your insurance coverage grows with your company while providing you with the most cost-effective policies possible
    • Risk management is designed to help minimize the devastating financial consequences of unavoidable accidents
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  • Inland Marine Coverage

    Inland Marine Coverage

    • Covers products, materials, and equipment when transported over land or while warehoused by a third party
    • Two of the most frequent causes of inland marine losses are: collisions and cargo theft
    • Good option for companies who ship expensive products or materials
    • Equipment covered:
      • Computers and photography
      • Communication
      • Construction tools
      • Medical

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