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Is Hazard Insurance the Same as Homeowners Insurance?

Posted April 19, 2024 in Hazard Insurance

When choosing a homeowner’s insurance policy, it’s essential to understand what it does and does not cover. This blog will highlight what clients can expect from a traditional homeowners insurance policy, such as damages to the home’s structure and personal property. It will also clarify what hazard insurance is and how it fits into your […]

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What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Posted March 21, 2024 in Homeowners Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance is not just another expense—it can be the difference between protecting your assets and paying out of pocket when disaster strikes. This blog will discuss homeowner’s insurance, what it does and does not cover, and why it is such an important part of owning a home. 3 Min Read What Is Homeowners Insurance? […]

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Renters Insurance FAQ: Your Complete Guide

Posted March 19, 2024 in Insurance, Renters Insurance

Almost half of California residents rent their homes or apartments, and that number is rising. Still, most of them don’t carry renters insurance. While home or commercial insurance may cover most structural damage, the renter’s belongings and more could be lost in the event of theft, fire, or weather damage. This blog reviews the benefits […]

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The Current Political Climate and the Need for Global Terrorism Insurance

Posted February 05, 2024 in Terrorism Insurance

Most business owners hope to never need global terrorism insurance. However, with increasing awareness of sociopolitical tension worldwide, more owners realize how tenuous national and international security is. This blog will discuss what global terrorism is defined as in insurance terms, what a terrorism policy can cover, and which types of businesses are most likely […]

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General Liability Insurance for Content Creators and Influencers

Posted December 21, 2023 in Liability Insurance

Content creation has revolutionized how people work: with seemingly endless possibilities for product promotion and an influencer for every niche interest, web-based business is one of the most lucrative fields to date. With all the freedom content creators and influencers seem to have, it may be surprising that these businesses come with just as many […]

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How Old Does a Car Have to Be for Vintage Car Insurance?

Posted November 07, 2023 in Insurance

Car enthusiasts understand that owning a classic car requires more maintenance, care, and attention than a daily driving vehicle. Not only are classic or vintage cars beautiful, but they are also a piece of history, often chosen to reflect the owner’s personality and passion for cars. Suffice it to say, these vehicles and all their […]

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Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Your Home-Based Business?

Posted September 06, 2023 in Homeowners Insurance

Running your business from home offers you freedoms and opportunities that you might not encounter with a brick-and-mortar establishment, but this practice carries some risk. Many home-run businesses rely on their homeowners insurance to cover losses, but the truth is that this plan may not be sufficient. If you have a home-run business, you may […]

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Want to Upgrade Your Employee Benefits Package?

Posted August 21, 2023 in Employee Benefit Plan

You have great employees — and you want to keep them. Recently, we have noticed a shortage of qualified workers willing to settle for a thin benefits package. And that makes sense. An excellent benefits package attracts dedicated, skilled employees. If these desirable candidates can’t find what they’re looking for with you, they’ll apply elsewhere. […]

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What Brides and Grooms Should Know About Wedding Insurance

Posted May 30, 2023 in Contingency Insurance

3 Minute Read:  Congratulations, you’re getting married! Every bride and groom should know how to protect themselves and their wedding venue from lawsuits and other damages that can occur on your special day.  Today, we’ll discuss potential requirements for brides and grooms and optional contingency coverage that can save them thousands of dollars (or more!) […]

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Is There a Greater Need for Flood Insurance Now?

Posted April 28, 2023 in Flood Insurance

3 Minute Read:  “Do I need flood insurance on my home?” This question is coming up more and more in the wake of an unprecedented number of national disasters across the globe. You may think that your area is safe, but your home may be at higher risk today than in the past.  Here’s how […]

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What Insurance Do I Need If I’m Building My Own House?

Posted March 17, 2023 in Homeowners Insurance

3 Minute Read:  Your property insurance needs for new, single-family home construction may vary depending on a few factors. While standard homeowners insurance doesn’t cover new construction, you can purchase residential construction insurance, also called a builders risk policy.  When construction is complete, this coverage can be switched to a standard homeowners policy. Need builders […]

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