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Want to Upgrade Your Employee Benefits Package?

Posted August 21, 2023 in Employee Benefit Plan

You have great employees — and you want to keep them. Recently, we have noticed a shortage of qualified workers willing to settle for a thin benefits package.

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And that makes sense. An excellent benefits package attracts dedicated, skilled employees. If these desirable candidates can’t find what they’re looking for with you, they’ll apply elsewhere.

As companies grow and reap the financial benefits afforded to them by their employees, they would be wise to expand their benefits package to retain their workforce. Otherwise, they risk losing some of their best and brightest to the competition.

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How a Great Insurance Package Helps Your Company

You’re choosing to upgrade your employee benefits package because you care about your staff, their safety and their productivity.

But did you know that an amped-up benefits package benefits your company, too?

Here’s what a comprehensive employee benefits package can do for your organization:

  • Increase employee attendance/decrease absences
  • Attract high-caliber workers
  • Increase company productivity
  • Ensure you are meeting all legal requirements
  • Make the entire team and workspace more enjoyable

Your Policy Is Tailor-Made to Your Needs

Your company and your staff are unique. Your employee benefits package plan should be, too.

Most companies will want the following included in their plan:

  • Medical coverage
  • Dental coverage
  • Vision coverage
  • Absence, disability, and leave options
  • Additional voluntary benefits

Speak to your representative at Gallant Risk to let them know which of the above you want to be included. Your representative can tell you the cost and requirements so you can make the right choice for your company.

Reduce Your Risks to Protect the Company and Employees

On-the-job accidents, health issues, and more can affect employee attendance or performance. Are you ready for all the possibilities?

Make sure your plan includes as many of the following as you are able.

We help you fit programs into your plan, making everyone happy and productive.

  • HIPAA compliance (we’ll help you determine that you’re up-to-date)
  • Wellness programs that can reduce absences
  • Safety precautions that can help minimize the risk of injury to employees

Wellness Programs That Employees Love (and That Boost Productivity)

Think about when you were the employee, not the boss, owner, manager, or CEO. (You may also have these concerns even if you are one of these.) What did you want from your employer in exchange for loyal, reliable, and top-notch service?

We’ve gotten input from hundreds of companies over the years and from thousands of employees.

With that input, we help you implement the following Wellness Program initiatives (these may be easier and more cost-effective to fit into your plan than you think):

  • Employee health risk evaluations
  • Health screenings
  • Health fairs
  • Education and nutritional guidelines

Speak with your representative to determine how other companies are including these risk-lowering plans.

We Work With Your HR Staff for the Best Outcomes

Your workers depend upon your Human Resources staff to help them resolve workplace issues and navigate questions.

Because it is likely you already have such a system in place, you need to know you’re being listened to … just like your employees need to know you’re listening.

For that reason, we offer a comprehensive list of human resources services, including:

  • Guiding you in how to help your employees feel appreciated and well taken care of
  • Working with your existing HR staff, CEOs and line managers to create programs, systems and procedures
  • Helping you to manage your organization effectively
  • Helping you navigate requirements associated with HR management

We will guide you through effectively and compassionately managing these situations:

  • Performance evaluations
  • Disciplinary action
  • Risk management

Communicating with your employees, particularly if the news isn’t what they hoped for, is a critical adjunct to offering an ideal employee benefits package. Together, these actions keep employees satisfied with what they’re receiving and the respect they feel their employer gives them.

Design, Pricing and Consulting: We’re There for You

You’ve decided you want to give your employee benefits package a boost. You probably already have some ideas in mind based on the information above.

Now what?

Our experienced team will help you with designing your employee package. We will also work within your budget and let you know what to choose in your final package that won’t break the bank.

Is There a Minimum Number of Employees/Minimum Company Size?

Some consulting firms do have minimum company size requirements. However, at Gallant Risk, we help organizations of all sizes, from just a handful of employees to large-scale corporations.

No matter what your situation is now — say, for example, you’re not sure you’re HIPAA compliant or your company is new — Gallant Risk will help you create and afford the best possible package for you and your employees. Here’s to your success!

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