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HR Services and Health Benefits

Providing human resource (HR) services and employee health benefits is an ideal way for a company to attract and retain the best employees possible. However, navigating HR and health benefit plans can be difficult without guidance. At Gallant, we provide tailored HR and employee benefit programs that meet the needs of your business and ensure you are compliant with the current regulations.

Employers offer HR services and health benefits in order to stay competitive and keep employees content with how they are treated and valued within the organization

Human resource services are imperative to an organization because they allow for a safe and enjoyable working environment for all employees. HR services reinforce that their employer is taking all necessary steps to provide a comfortable and well-managed workplace. Human resources can also provide a protected place for employees to share the questions and concerns they have regarding the overall company and day-to-day operations. The human resource department and individual employees can work together to find HR solutions to many different problems that may arise within the working environment. 

Health care benefits may include medical, dental, vision, and disability insurance. Other potential employee benefits are paid vacation, retirement plans, pet insurance, wellness initiatives and voluntary worksite benefits.

We Offer Tailored Programs for…

  • Small and large businesses
  • Medical, dental and vision
  • Life and disability
  • Voluntary worksite benefits
  • Wellness programs
  • Executive reimbursement plans

Benefit Plan Administration and Compliance

  • Stay up-to-date on the continuously evolving employee benefit compliance regulations. 
    • This plan takes the guesswork out of detailed government mandates and protects your business.
  • We ensure you meet the established obligations for employee benefits at all stages, including: 
    • New employees 
    • Open enrollment periods
    • New benefits enrollment
    • Coverage termination
  • Our professional and responsive consultants are available to answer all of your questions about administering your benefit plans and ensuring your compliance with government regulations.
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Human Resource Services

  • ur human resource services are just one aspect of our innovative concept of risk management.
  • HR services can significantly improve employee satisfaction and productivity by helping employees feel well-taken care of and appreciated.
  • Gallant works with existing HR staff, line managers and CEOs to create necessary HR programs, systems and procedures.
  • We support the effective management of your organization while helping you navigate the requirements associated with human resource management.
  • HR services may include: 
    • Performance evaluations 
    • Disciplinary actions 
    • Risk management
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Wellness Programs and Employee Support Services

  • Wellness programs promote various approaches to creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and they are an ideal path to invest in the health and security of your employees.
  • These programs have been shown to decrease the number of sick days taken by employees and can save your company money and time.
  • Wellness programs can increase the overall health of employees and contribute to them feeling satisfied and comfortable enough to do their best work.  
  • Wellness programs may include: 
    • Collaborative team build physical challenges
    • Healthy eating and cooking ideas
    • Healthy lifestyle advice and challenges
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Employee Benefits Program Design, Pricing and Consulting

  • All benefits programs are tailored to your company size and needs.
  • Our customized program designs can provide financial solutions to improve cash flow by reducing taxes and program costs.
  • Benefit plans may include health care insurance, dental coverage, vision coverage and paid leave. 
  • Benefits allow your employees to receive affordable preventive medical care and provide them financial security.
  • Schedule a consultation with Gallant to learn more about specific program options and pricing for your company.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a benefit consultant like Gallant Risk & Insurance Services, Inc.?

Benefit consultants act as a bridge between insurance companies and clients. We negotiate better pricing on your behalf while acting as YOUR advocate when issues arise for you or your employees. By choosing Gallant, you can feel confident you have chosen a company that advocates for your needs and ensures you are always within compliance.

How large does my company need to be to use an insurance broker?

At Gallant, we take companies of all sizes and tailor the programs to suit your employee and cost needs.

Is it essential that I offer employee health benefits in Southern California?

Currently, there is a government mandate that requires most California employers to offer business health insurance for their employees. Schedule a consultation with Gallant Risk & Insurance, and we can evaluate your needs and develop a plan to ensure that you comply with all recent and continually changing government mandates.

Why is it important for employees to receive HR services and benefits?

Adequate HR services allow employees to feel heard, safe and well-cared for. Life can be unpredictable, but providing HR and benefits to your employees gives everyone peace of mind for the unknown. Providing benefits allows for the overall improved well-being of current employees, including their physical and mental health. 

It is important to show your employees that you care about them personally, not merely for their contributions to the company, to keep overall morale high and create a positive work environment. Providing these benefits can show employees that you wish for them to succeed in all circumstances, even those beyond the workplace. 

How is offering HR services and health benefits beneficial to my company?

Providing HR and benefits will make your company more desirable to talented prospective applicants. Employees who are confident that they are cared for, valued and protected by their employer are more likely to remain satisfied and employed with the company. When provided with health benefits, employees are often healthier and happier, and they take fewer sick days and are more productive.

Can providing HR services and health benefits to employees save my company money?

Yes, providing HR services and health benefits to employees can result in fewer sick days taken and minimize your turnover rate, which reduces the costs associated with hiring and training new employees. It also improves the overall satisfaction of employees, which encourages them to work harder and more efficiently. Schedule a consultation with us to hear more ways in which providing benefits can save your company time and money.

Is it beneficial to offer benefits that are not mandated by the government?

Yes, offering benefits that go beyond the necessities often makes your business more appealing to prospective workers. These additional benefits can also help retain employees and further minimize your turnover rate. At Gallant, we can advise your company on the numerous other advantages of providing additional benefits to your employees that are not required by law.

Which benefits will help my business maximize efficiency and productivity?

The answer to this question will be determined by your needs as a business owner and the needs of your employees. Contact us today, and we can start designing a plan that works for you.

What is the expected cost for an employee benefit and HR service and employee benefit package?

The price of benefits and HR packages vary greatly because they are so personalized. Schedule a health benefits and HR consultation with us to determine a price that is tailored to you and your company’s specific needs.

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