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Brush Clean Up

Posted May 07, 2019 in Homeowners Insurance

As Southern Californians, we are accustomed to seeing hills covered in dead vegetation. However, due to the recent rains, our usual brown hills have to become lush and green. Over recent months, we have experienced more days of rain than we have in years, creating lots of new growth. While the rain is necessary after such a long time without, it does bring new threats along with it. The greenery and flowers that are so beautiful now will not last long once the heat of summer returns. When this vegetation dies, we need to be prepared.

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It’s hard to forget the fires that ravaged California last year. Thousands of people lost their homes, places of work, and loved ones. Whether you were personally affected, knew someone that was, or witnessed the destruction on the news, you understand that the threat of severe wildfires in our state is real. While fires will always be a worry in California, the danger is heightened with an increase in vegetation. Dry brush allows sparks to jump, rapidly and effectively spreading fires.

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The Dangers of Brush

Many homeowners live near an area of overgrown brush or have unnecessary brush growing on their property. Dead vegetation and shrubs are among the most significant risk factors in wildfires. These materials ignite easily, allow flames to spread quickly, and are difficult to put out once they have caught, placing you and your property at a higher risk in the event of a fire.

How to Protect Your Property

If there is brush near your home, it may be up to you to clear away this potential hazard to create and maintain a defensible fire space around your property. A defensible fire space is an area where all combustible vegetation has been cleared, including brush, dry grass, yard waste and any other material that will readily ignite when left in its natural state. You want the radius of your defensible space to be as large as possible and trust that your neighbors will do the same.

Brush Clearing Tips

  • Clear brush throughout the year, so that it does not become overwhelming
  • Properly water plants and vegetation on and around your property
  • Trim trees that overhang or touch your roof line
  • Routinely check your gutters for brush build up
  • Clean brush when weather is dry, but not hot

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